Oddity advocacy

If your thinking ‘what on earth is that?’ then this is for you. No it is not a walking pine cone, or some sort of evolutionary joke, it is a pangolin, one of my all time favourite creatures and a perfect illustration of my point.

Whenever people ask me what my favourite animal is I usually say ‘Pangolin’ and the response I get from about 90% of people is a blank expression. I have become known amongst my friends and colleagues as ‘eccentric’ namely because I spend a fair bit of time sending photos to them of caecelians and binturongs.

The ‘charismatic mega fauna’ such as tigers and polar bears have historically gotten much publicity, although they are very important in fundraising campaigns and conservation organisations do some great work conserving whole ecosystems, let’s not forget about the other species. The weird and wonderful, the odd and the ugly (often highly endangered) creatures than many people may not have even heard of.

I started a tumblr blog focusing on beautiful images and especially the weird and wonderful creatures that (hopefully) people may not have heard of. But an interesting thing I found was that many of the species I had never heard of are critically endangered.

Please also check out the below small sample below of the many species which are going extinct without (many of) us noticing.

My Top 5 critically endangered animals you may have never heard of

5.  Atlantic Goliath Grouper – one of the most critically endangered fish species in the world










4. Red-crowned roof turtle, just one of many species of freshwater turtle in dangerous decline, critically endangered.

3. Cuban greater funnel eared bat, critically endangered less than 100 mature individuals in the wild

2. Santa Caterina’s guinea pig, critically endangered, about 40-60 individuals left

IUCN meeting: 100 most critically endangered species

1. Madagascar Pochard, critically endangered, less than 20 individuals left in the wild. This species is the rarest duck in the world.

Thanks for reading and why not have a look yourself there are hundreds of critically endangered species out there and they all need our help!

Thanks for reading,

p.s. I am well aware that I have not covered invertebrates in this post, but I thought better than trying to squeeze them in I would devote a whole future post to them..


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