My greener life – resolutions for 2014


So this year I have read up about ethical consumerism of which I am very passionate, carbon offset credits and carbon footprints, and supply chains. I have modified my consumption trying to buy more high welfare (both human and animal), local, small business, upcycled, recycled, organic and handmade. I have also almost stopped using plastic bags completely.

So, what will I be looking at this year you ask, well please see my resolutions for a greener 2014:

  • Cut out more plastic – I will be looking at the things I use and buy and trying out going ‘plastic free’
  • Try not to buy anything that cannot be recycled
  • Stop using paper cups when I get coffee either sit in or buy a reusable take away cup
  • Have at least one vegetarian day each week

I will probably also continue to be fascinated by supply chains and where products come from, how they are made etc (I blame the last book I read).

I would love to hear your green resolutions, drop me a line on twitter @lucylloydslater

Thanks for reading,


Image courtesy of the Guardian


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