Meat matters: Why you really do get what you pay for


Most of us will have heard of the recent horse meat scandal, but what other dangers are lurking in our ‘value’ meat, and why should we spend more, when we can buy cheaply?

Well the obvious reason is animal welfare, intensive farming methods cause huge amounts of stress on the livestock animals involved due to cramped conditions, poor quality food and healthcare and the lack of stimulus or the ability to express natural behaviours.

If that does not move you, think of the environment and the people who suffer. Much of the cheap feed used in intensive farms is comprised of soy bean, this ‘green gold’ is farmed mostly in South & Central America and the industry has a history of poor humans rights, including ‘land-grabbing’ and detrimental health problems for the nearby indigenous peoples caused by the prolific use of harsh pesticides and herbicides.

Finally, a little closer to home, think of your health. Poor quality meat is usually produced using antibiotics prophylactically, to prevent disease which spreads quickly in the confined conditions. This is NOT how antibiotics are designed to be used and the viruses and bacteria they are supposed to guard against eventually become resistant, developing into the ‘superbugs’ that you may have heard of.

So, think before you buy, try to go local, go to farmers markets and butchers where you can find out about the sourcing of your meat. Free-range and organic meat is more expensive its true, but boy is it worth it. Trust me, your local Tesco employee will not have much idea about their stock ( nor will they care if my experience is anything to go by), but local farmers and butchers who are passionate about what they do will be happy to answer your questions and discuss their stock.

So go for it! Check the label and explore local shops and markets, you wont be sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Meat matters: Why you really do get what you pay for

  1. I totally agree … Organic, free-range meat is definitely worth spending a bit extra on! Animal welfare, the environment, people, health…all such important considerations and yet so many seem to think saving a couple of pounds will make more of a difference to their lives.

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