Four fun facts about puffins

I think we can all agree that puffins are pretty darn cute, but here are some fun facts to help you get to know these avian clowns a little better.


1. Puffins only develop their spectacularly coloured bills and striking black and white plumage during breeding season, the rest of the year they spend in ‘eclipse’ plumage.

Puffin adultnon breeding

2. Puffins nest and rear their chicks in burrows and are reluctant to give away their location when being watched. This often gives the impression that the adult has ‘forgotten’ where it’s burrow is, but it is actually a clever trick to avoid chick predation.

Puffin sheltering in its burrow

3. The proper name for puffin chick is a ‘puffling’ and they are ludicrously fluffy.

A guillemot chick, sporting a black down coat for the summer

4. There are four species of puffin, with the award for the most fabulous eyebrows going to the tufted puffin.

Tufted Puffin



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