10 amazing micro animals you wont believe actually exist

10. Pygmy seahorse
Tiny seahorses which inhabit Sea fan corals (Gorgonians). There are several species, each perfectly camouflaged to it’s corresponding species of coral.

9. Pygmy anteater
Also known as the silky anteater
8. Barbados Threadsnake
The smallest species of snake currently know, it is blind and endemic to the Island of Barbados
7. Pygmy Marmoset
This is the world smallest primate.
6. Bumblebee bat
This is the world’s smallest mammal weighing about as much as a penny.
5. Paedophryne amanuensis
This is the world’s smallest frog only discovered in 2012, it lives in the leaf litter of Papua New Guinea an island in the South Pacific with a huge number of endemic species.
4. Pygmy leaf Chameleon
One of my personal favourites, also endemic to Madagascar, living in the leaf litter eating tiny flies.
3. Pygmy possum
There are 5 species of extant pygmy possum all endemic to Australia.
2. Virgin Islands dwarf gecko
A beautiful little gecko endemic to the Virgin Islands.
1.Yellow Capped pygmy parrot
And one for luck… The musky rat kangaroo, the world’s smallest species of kangaroo.