Three easy steps to cut down on plastic

Plastic is trouble.  It can take decades to biodegrade (and even when it does it causes pollution), its manufacture requires harmful oil extraction, huge amounts of energy to process and much of it is unrecyclable. What are we going to do about it? Cut down on the amount of plastic you consume, you can really make a difference, and here are three easy ways to start.

1. Think reusable

Much of the plastic we use is in disposable items, sandwich bags, straws and bottles being prime examples. Try to cut down on the plastic in your life by avoiding one or two use items, invest in some reusable bags or water bottles and do you really need a straw in your g&t? No? Get rid of it.

2. Ditch the supermarket

A huge proportion of food sold in supermarkets is packaged using plastic, often in excessive amounts, try shopping elsewhere such as local shops or a farmers market where you can pick up your fruit and veg without the packaging.

3. DIY

The more you do yourself the more control you have over the amount of plastic used. Try making your own lunch instead of buying it, and use a reusable bag for your sarnie, or make your own preserves using glass jars instead of plastic. Get creative!


Thanks for reading,